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 ROUSSAKIS E. JOHN TOOLS company was established in 1983 and exists in the grounds of the car industry from then.

In these 23 years of existence, the company imports and distributes tools and machinery of the biggest world-wide houses, such as OMCN, RAASM, WIHA, AEG, METABO and RUPES, to mention a small amount.

In its course, the company embedded the distribution of chemical and industrial products of quality houses such as 3M, LOCTITE, TEROSON, RERMATEX and many more.

Methodically, with responsibility and always having as target the product quality and the fastest possible customer service, ROUSSAKIS E. JOHN TOOLS company nowadays supplies the biggest service and representative car companies of Greece - and more than this!

Through these webpages, you'll be able to have a first impression for the products that ROUSSAKIS E. JOHN company trusts and suggests all these years.
The website presentation will constantly be updated, according to the large and keep-growing schedule of the company. Through the Products and News pages you'll be the first to know what is coming up.
Last but not least, the Contact page is always open for questions and suggestions.